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coronavirus cases total 954. In Concord, 14+ people positive at nursing home

In Mecklenburg County, 19 new cases were reported Sunday by state health officials — bringing the county’s total to 954 coronavirus cases.

The county reported 12 deaths as of Saturday afternoon and continues to have the highest number of cases and deaths in North Carolina.

Over the Easter weekend, a total of 41 new cases have been reported in Mecklenburg, state health data shows. The Observer has previously reported local health officials to believe the total number of cases is likely only “a snapshot of the true burden of COVID-19 in our community.” Health experts have also cautioned about making assumptions based on the number of new cases announced, given that the figure is impacted by the availability of testing and the length of time it takes for results.

In neighboring Concord, at least 14 people in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center have tested positive for coronavirus, health officials in Cabarrus County say.

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The news came as Cabarrus County Health Alliance reported its “largest one-day jump” in cases late Saturday, with 28 more people testing positive for COVID-19 in the county. The county has at least 125 positive cases and one death, according to county officials on Sunday. More than half of the new cases reported Saturday came from Five Oaks Rehab in Concord, public health officials said on Facebook.

As of Sunday, 4,520 people across North Carolina had tested positive for coronavirus. At the time, state officials reported a total of 88 deaths and 331 current hospitalizations related to COVID-19. State officials say more than 62,000 tests for the new coronavirus have been administered in North Carolina.

A total number of tests for Mecklenburg County have not been released. County officials have said they do not know the number of tests performed at non-hospital facilities.

Cabarrus County health officials say they recently became aware of a potential outbreak at Five Oaks Rehab in Concord and have administered more than 300 tests Press Release Distribution Services In Charlotte at the facility for residents and employees. Nearly 200 of those tests are still pending.

On its website, Five Oaks Rehab says it offers skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation. The facility has restricted all visitors except in end-of-life-situations in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state has identified four outbreaks, defined as two or more lab-confirmed cases, in Mecklenburg County nursing homes, in addition to another outbreak in a local residential care facility. In neighboring Union County, there has been one outbreak in a nursing home.

Statewide, there were 28 instances of outbreaks in nursing homes, as of Sunday.

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