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Hemp & Learn’ seminars lay out myriad benefits of medicinal cannabis

A few days ago, I attended a seminar called Hemp & Learn in Ajijic, Jalisco. I was persuaded to go by one Juan Álvaro Cortés of Guadalajara who, it seems, runs a belt-manufacturing company on weekdays and spends his weekends transforming the lives of epileptic children through the Fundación Mexicana de Cannabis Medicinal A.C. (FMCAM), a non-profit organization that advises the parents of children with epilepsy.

“We’ve helped more than 400 children,” Cortés had told me in a Charlotte News telephone interview. “You really should come and investigate what it’s all about.”

I did. In fact, I arrived early at the seminar venue, Hotel Danza del Sol, which gave me an opportunity to interview María López (not her real name), the mother of one of those 400 epileptic children.

“I have an 11-year-old girl and she has had epilepsy since she was 8 months old. In spite of that, she was doing really well, at first. But then it was discovered that she had a brain tumor and they operated. This was five years ago.

“The operation provoked a dramatic loss of motor functions. She could no longer speak, she could no longer walk and she couldn’t even take solid food anymore, only liquids. So we went to many, many neurologists. We looked for help from the best doctors in Houston and San Francisco. …

“Well, we got no results from any of them, so we turned to homeopaths and then to shamans … even to brujos [shamans]! But she didn’t get better.

“Then some friends of ours told us about medical cannabis in Colorado. So we packed our bags and went to Colorado Springs, to Charlotte's Web, which was started because of the problems of a child similar to our own.

“They said, ‘Yes, we have a cannabis extract that could help your daughter, but we’re not quite ready to bottle it and sell it legally.’ And they wouldn’t let us have it, which was very hard to take, because our daughter was getting worse and worse. But they began working Press Release Distribution Services In Charlotte with the Stanley brothers, solved their problems and then they phoned us: ‘Now we can sell it legally.’

“However, they couldn’t ship it to Mexico because here it’s still illegal, so I had to fly to Colorado — more than once! — and each time, hide it in my suitcase and run the risk of being caught and imprisoned.

“And we gave it to our little girl … not just like that, of course. We had the help of a doctor in the U.S.A. with 30 years of experience in this, and he did a series of tests before prescribing the right amount for our child.

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