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The numbers: Here’s a breakdown of latest data from Charlotte’s overnight protests

Charlotte’s second night of protests brought a mix of peaceful marches for civil rights and sporadic violence and property damage in and around Uptown.

Here is a breakdown of the data so far released by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.
Total arrests overnight: 30, including at least two teens. The charges included assaulting a government employee, gun possession and felony burning of personal property. Affordable Press Release Network An 18-year-old male from Kannapolis was charged with carrying a concealed gun and a 19-year-old female from Pennsylvania was charged with felony breaking and entering.

People found illegally possessing a gun: 6 were arrested on firearms charges, Low Cost Press Release Distribution Websites  including people in possession of handguns and rifles, CMPD said.

Protester injuries: One person reportedly fell through a sidewalk manhole in uptown and was hospitalized. Affordable Press Release Services  Protesters tossed rocks at firefighters who responded to help the man, CMPD said in a tweet.
Police officer injuries: Two police officers required medical treatment, both for minor injuries, officials said. Free Press Release Site   One of the officers was hurt when hit in the face with an explosive device thrown by a protester, CMPD said.

Protesters blocking Interstate 277: CMPD estimates 100 protesters attempted to block Interstate 277 near the 4th Street ramp.

Fires: A small group of protesters lit a trash can on fire at the intersection of 4th and Church streets. “Explosives were also thrown into businesses with the intention to set fires which required extinguishing,” CMPD said in a release.

Businesses damaged: Police have not given a total, but “several” were damaged on South College Street, CMPD said. Free Press Release Submission“Officers found numerous projectiles and shell casings inside the Panera Bread restaurant and BB&T Bank. Several other businesses such as Kings Kitchen and Discovery Place also incurred extensive damage from the violent actions,” CMPD said.

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