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VigRX Plus Compared to the "Little Blue Pill"

Albion Medical along with other herbal erection pill manufacturers claims that herbal extracts are enough to treat most ED-related problems. The only side effect of treating ED with herbal supplements, they add, is that one's sexual prowess and level of self-confidence rise.

VigRX Plus vs. Viagra - effectiveness and side effects

Without doubt, VigRX Plus is the single best herbal pill currently on the market. Its formula includes several known and potent herbs and bark extracts combining the knowledge about herbs risen from cultures of ancient China, Americas and Europe.  Vigrx Plus South Africa    does not shut off from the new technologies - its important ingredient is Bioperine - a powerful catalyser, increasing the absorption rate of other active ingredients.

Viagra and other similar medications are all but inefficient. However, they are neither 100% safe nor free of side effects. First, Viagra's ingredients can come into interaction with other medicines, especially those used to treat heart diseases. Vigrx Plus Norway  that Viagra relies on synthetic chemicals rather than natural herbs means that we need to be extra careful while taking Viagra and do it only under direct supervision of your doctor. Even if there is no risk of the interaction, those who take Viagra risk serious side effects such as indigestion, temporary blindness or headaches.

Treating ED with prescription medications and VigRX Plus

Both medications are taken in a form of a pills. The difference is that Viagra has to be taken immediately one hour before sex, while Vigrx Plus New Zealand   has to be taken regularly a few times a day without regard to one's sexual activity. On the other hand, VigRX Plus needs to be taken for weeks or even months before the first effects are seen. Viagra's effects' while short-term, are visible immediately after taking the pill. The main difference between those pills however, lies elsewhere. Viagra is feared to have no long-term effects. It means that once you stop the Viagra treatment, your ED will return. VigRX Plus on the other hand, gives a chance to get long-lasting results even a long time after ending the treatment. Basically, if you need to really get rid of ED for good,Vigrx Plus Switzerland  is the only choice, though Viagra may placate it much faster.

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