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August 19 is National Old Man Young Woman Day

How many times have we seen them? The old guy with the young pretty girl out and about often becomes the topic of conversation in several groups from life-long friends to church members.  The judgement and stares they have endured. The talk of the town they have become. Well now these couples can really give everyone something to talk about when they celebrate their relationships on their own national holiday! 

Celebrating annually August 19, National Old Man Young Woman Day™ raises awareness of the unique inspiring relationships between seasoned gentlemen and young women  everywhere with the premise: "Age Doesn't Define Your Love."

Not only does the holiday highlight the positive uniqueness of the relationship, but also the challenges faced by couples in relationships with a great age gap.  One main challenge is criticism from society on the relationship in general, and ensuing shame from either the older gentleman or younger woman. But OMYWDAY educates on bridging the generation gap between partners, health, and even family planning.


National Old Man Young Woman Day™ celebrates and encourages such relationships that are positive for both persons.  We caught up with the founder of National Old Man Young Woman Day™ who told us this.

Age should not be a determinant of whether or not two adults should enter into a relationship.  It is the chemistry that counts. Two persons may be in the same spiritual or psychological place in life at a given time, though they have a huge calendar age gap.  Some persons just click. National Old Man Young Woman Day™ exists to dispel the myth that older men only want young women for intimacy, or young women only want older men for money.  This is false. The truth of the matter is research indicates many old-man-young-woman or OMYW couples have a genuine relationship based on real values.

Wow. This is exciting!  OMYW couples can celebrate their relationships freely on their very own holiday, without judgement or fear.  National Old Man Young Woman Day™ will revolutionize the OMYW relationship world. Kudos to the founder, and Happy National Old Man Young Woman Day August 19!

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