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MyDasma – Australia’s next up and coming Startup

Meet MyDasma, an Australia start-up that proves if you have a clear vision in your head there is nothing in the world that can stop you from bringing it to life. Co-founders, Mimoza Cena-Sokoli and Beqir Sokoli, have put together on online marketplace bringing together diaspora Albanians looking to plan their wedding or their next big occasion with wedding/event service providers from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

This idea, like most of the world’s great ideas, was born in 2009 out of their own struggle of trying to organise their wedding in Kosovo from Australia. What they discovered was they weren’t able to organise anything online. “The only thing we found was a florist called ‘Remember me’ with a contact us form, so we filled the form in and never heard back from the,” said Beqir.

Then when the couple were visiting in Kosovo in 2015, Mimoza, having been born and raised in Australia, couldn’t believe how much the wedding industry had boomed in Kosovo. “The restaurants you’d see in Kosovo, you don’t have those in Australia,” as quoted by Mimoza. Although, there were huge developments within restaurants and other facets of the wedding industry the method of booking was still as primitive as it had ever been. There you still had the restaurant manager with a A4 notebook manually writing in bookings as their customers come in person to make the booking or sent a family member in to do it for them.

So, it was in 2015 as they were travelling down a main highway that Mimoza said the following words to Beqir, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place that you could go to online, where you could organise your wedding from A to Z without asking anyone, ‘where can I find this?’, or ‘who do I get for this?’, no matter where you are in the world to simply be able to do yourself.”

Introducing to you MyDasma. With a target marketing of over 2 million diaspora Albanians with an immensely strong cultural tradition of weddings and celebrations, MyDasma is set to take the world on my storm.

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