House GOP Policy Committee Slammed After Pledging It Will Protect Americans from “Socialist” Left

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The House Republican Policy Committee was harshly criticized after it pledged to protect Americans from the policies of the “socialist” left.

The committee claimed that “Failed leadership from the Biden Administration, [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, and DC Democrats” have left the United States “in crisis.”

“Republicans in Congress will continue to work for American families and stand against the socialist policies of the left,” the committee said.

Failed leadership from the Biden Administration, Nancy Pelosi, and DC Democrats has left our country in crisis.

Republicans in Congress will continue to work for American families and stand against the socialist policies of the left.

— House GOP Policy (@GOPpolicy) July 29, 2021

People swiftly condemned the party for its inaction.

Better schools, a repaired and growing infrastructure, more jobs, quality of life for EVERY zip code. Sounds just terrible Kev. Buzzwords mean nothing.

— BlessYourHeart (@LuckyGiGi5) July 29, 2021

Maybe the GOP should channel some the energy it’s devoting to grievance logos into actually helping (or at least not enthusiastically hurting) the country.

— Ed Duco (@HardBoiledEddie) July 29, 2021

Crisis, no. Recovery yes:

☑️Bipartisan infrastructure bill
☑️Largest economic growth in ~40 yrs
☑️45% decrease in poverty
☑️Covid & economic relief bill
☑️Lowest jobless claims since '20
☑️Added >600K jobs/month since Jan
☑️1/6 investigation
☑️>56% ages 12 & up vaccinated

— Evelyn Knox (@evelyn_knox11) July 29, 2021

If Rep were working for American families they would encourage masks & vaccines. Be on board for for a $15 minimum wage. Support a strong infrastructure plan. Reps have failed all Americans because they are too busy covering up 1/6 & kissing DT’s 🍑

— They Did What (@theydidwhat_) July 29, 2021

Despite the committee’s claims, left-wing policies have proven to be quite popular with the American public.

A previous CNBC All-America Economic Survey found that the majority support policies such as paid maternity leave, government funding for childcare and boosting the minimum wage.

The committee’s statements come after the Senate voted to advance a bipartisan infrastructure bill to codify their ambitious economic agenda.

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