Mark Meadows: DeSantis Won’t Challenge Trump for 2024 Republican Nomination

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Donald Trump would very much like to run for president again in 2024. He has a number of hurdles to overcome to get there. He has serious legal issues in both New York and Georgia. He is also a 75 year-old man who isn’t in the greatest physical condition. But if he’s able to clear those hurdles, Trump would be favored to be the 2024 GOP nominee.

There are other popular Republicans though. During a conference in Colorado this weekend, attendees said they’d rather see Ron DeSantis be the 2024 nominee than Trump. According to Mark Meadows, though, the former president doesn’t need to worry because the Florida governor won’t be challenging him.

The former Trump chief of staff told the Washington Examiner, “I think Ron DeSantis is identified across the country now for the courage that he shows for conservative solutions, and he would be the first to say that if President Trump gets in, that he would win the nomination and would clear the field, and so I don’t ever see it being a 2016 primary scenario.”

Meadows continued, “That being said, Gov. DeSantis won’t even — he’s asked over and over and over again every time I’m in his presence — he’s been asked, ‘Are you running in 2024? His answer has been consistent. He is running for reelection for governor of the state that not only he loves, but one that is, quite frankly, well-run because of his leadership.”

There are a number of things that could prevent Trump from running again in 2024. If that comes to pass, DeSantis would be the favorite to get the nomination.

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