Republicans Launch Million Dollar Campaign To Defeat Herschel Walker

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The Republican Accountability Project has launched a million-dollar campaign to defeat Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate race because they believe he is too unfit and unstable to hold office.

Here is the Republican Accountability Project’s Herschel Walker ad:

The ad features Walker’s ex-wife talking about how he held a gun to her temple and threatened to blow her head off.

“Herschel Walker might have been a great football player, but he clearly doesn’t deserve to be a senator. That’s why our campaign is built around the voices of Georgia Republicans who know that he’s unfit for office,” said Sarah Longwell, RAPAC Treasurer.

Walker’s own campaign has called him a pathological liar who lies to his own staff so often that they don’t believe him.

Herschel Walker has admitted to almost killing a man in a road rage incident.

Even Republicans have admitted that Walker is losing in Georgia, and the Republican Accountability Project is mounting a campaign to mobilize Republicans to vote against a candidate in Georgia who appears to be too unfit and unstable to hold elective office.

The Republican Accountability Project ad will run on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC across Georgia this week.

Republican Accountability Project launches campaign to defeat Herschel Walker

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