Senator Says Biden Has Taken Action On Voting Rights That Hasn’t Been Announced Yet

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President Biden has been working behind the scenes to protect voting rights as the For The People Act is only the beginning.

Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL) said that Biden is working on a lot of things that have not been publicly announced yet:

I asked the #2 Senate Democrat- @SenatorDurbin – what is the next step when the For the People Act fails to advance later today: "I'm not sure."

He hinted that @POTUS is "doing a lot of things that haven't been announced publicly"

— Elizabeth Landers (@ElizLanders) June 22, 2021

There are several possibilities. The Biden administration has been expanding the DOJ staff on voting rights. Biden could also take some form of executive action, but that would be limited in scope unless he decided to swing big and let the outcome be fought out in the courts. Nothing in the early Biden presidency suggests that he would take this approach.

Biden could be getting Democrats on board for a legislative push or perhaps his own voting rights proposal. At some point, it would not be surprising if Democrats tried to use the budget bill to pass voting rights protections.

At 5:30 PM ET,  Republicans will block the Senate from moving forward with debate on the For The People Act, but Democrats and President are not giving up. They understand that democracy is at stake,  and they aren’t going to be stopped by Mitch McConnell blocking debate on the For The People Act.

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