Where to buy CO2: join the Collective for 130% gains

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Collective (CO2) is a South African fintech that helps startups deliver initial coin offerings (ICOs). Here’s where to buy the token as it rallies 130%.

Although the heights of 2017’s ICO fever have not yet reoccurred during this crypto bull run, ICOs (initial coin offerings) and ITOs (initial token offerings) remain key weapons in the arsenal of any cryptocurrency or blockchain startup. Enter Collective: the South African fintech that specialises in getting new projects off the ground. Incorporating ICO expertise and marketing nouse, Collective’s CO2 token is rallying today.

You can learn more about Collective in this article, as well as finding out how and where to buy the token.

How & where to buy Collective in the UK and elsewhere

If you want to buy CO2, you’ll need to sign up with an appropriate broker or exchange platform. This couldn’t be easier: sign up with one of our recommended partners below and create a free account. As soon as you make a deposit, you’ll be ready to start trading the most popular coins on the market right away.

We advise our readers to avoid decentralised exchanges wherever possible, as these are typically unlicensed, meaning regulators can do little to protect investors in the event of a hack, scam, or another issue.


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What is Collective?

Collective is a fintech company based in South Africa that combines expertise in blockchain tech, fundraising, marketing, and more to provide an all-in-one token launch solution. Collective helps brands grow using a network of pre-vetted influencers, as well as employing leading marketing, promotional, and commercial strategies to ensure maximal exposure. Collective also provides liquidity pool depth for new tokens, as well as engineering DEX (decentralised exchange) listings.

Should I buy CO2 today?

The CO2 token is used for all billings and transactions within the Collective ecosystem, meaning that there will always be some level of demand for CO2 as long as there is a demand for Collective’s services. This shrewd move means that CO2’s value has the potential to shoot up if the popularity of ICOs and ITOs reaches the levels it did in 2017/18.

Currently priced at $3.68, Collective has surged by over 130% over the last 24 hours. Buyers may want to wait for the price to dip slightly before buying in, but it could be argued that the token has serious legs given the persistent popularity of ITOs today.

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